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I was approached by Lynmar Winery to create a one day customer service tour in Los Angeles to broaden their hospitality team's understanding of how to provide an excellent experience for their customers. The winery mission was to find three parallel businesses where they could learn about their unique challenges and responses. I arranged tours of three icons of the region: The Getty Center, Bouchon Restaurant, and Hotel Bel Air. The management at each location prepared a brief regarding the policies and goals of their customer service management. The presentation was followed by a tour of the facilities with an eye to the flow of customers through the business. Last, an open dialogue ensued regarding the nuances of managing the particularities of their customer’s experience. Dinner that evening allowed everyone to reflect and remark up upon the range of approaches, solutions, and people they had engaged with through the course of the day.



Dear Glen,

Thank you once again for your organizational and sales genius in making our trip to LA, fun productive and very inspiring.  From David at the Getty museum to Alex and Stephen at Bouchon, every moment was interesting, enjoyable and fun!  We were blown away by the time and attention we got from every single person. It speaks to your credibility and gravitas in the market and we are most grateful that you produced such a powerful set of learning experiences for us. We met every objective of our trip and are hard at work in distilling the lessons and applying them at Lynmar.


Anisya Fritz