Locus Wine Consulting brings decades of multi-channel experience to our clients. We address a range of functions and issues currently faced by producers and suppliers - whether they are new to the market or icons of the trade.  Our customized services allow for individual wineries to work with us where they need the most help. In this competitive and segmented market we can help you with:

• National and regional sales strategies

• Broadening distribution

• Productive market visits

• Improving margins

• Building brand perceptions

• Repositioning

• Distributor communications

• Opening new markets

• Market support

• Key account strategies

Sometimes circumstances demand a quick fix, but thoughtful, longterm solutions are always more sustainable. Locus will assess your specific sales challenges and marketing needs. We create systematic plans and manage the process. Working with Locus will position you to lead and respond to the market rather than being buffeted by market forces.


In the course of creating the right plan for you we will explore the following dimensions of your business:

  • Your inspiration or creation story

  • Current national and regional sales data

  • Your distributor and distribution performance

  • Outreach and support for your trade relationships

  • Channel and account specific strategies and initiatives

  • Your programs for key accounts and influencers

  • Determine your peer group and competitive set

  • Programming and positioning strategies for your 'brand'

  • Your messaging and support materials for the trade and consumers

Locus Wine Consulting is ready to address the whole process or specific aspects of your sales and marketing.  To schedule a meeting call 310.880.9916 or send us a message from our contact us page.